WebTechsNow! Dedicated Service®

Technology management has become increasingly challenging and many medium-sized organizations need a solution to mitigate:

  • The high cost of full-time employees
  • The need for qualifications and expertise in a growing number of technologies, software and platforms
  • The security concerns and reliability issues of off-shore options
  • The high turnover rate of contractors and consultants
  • The availability and response time of remote service providers

WebTechsNow! Dedicated Service allows you to eliminate all of these issues at once!

WebTechsNow! provides your organization with a highly experienced (5 years minimum) and fully qualified (graduate or post-graduate) Sr. Technology Manager who will be in charge of helping you with all your web, network and desktop technology needs.

But this service does not stop there. Your manager will be available to attend meetings, build technology strategies, conduct web, network and desktop technology assessments, manage technology-related projects, assist your employees with any technology-related issues as well as provide weekly status reports. On-site desktop assistance, training and more are also included and managed by the same Sr. Technology Manager. All design, development and maintenance work is carried out by our 100% US-based developers, information architects, designers and IT specialists.

As with all WebTechsNow! services, there is no minimum term and services are provided under a strict confidentiality agreement to ensure your organization’s security and privacy. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you have been looking for the most efficient and economical solution to manage your web, network and desktop technologies, WebTechsNow! Dedicated Service is the solution!

We now also offer dedicated Architecture and Design specialists.

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(This service is currently available in Los Angeles, CA; Denver, CO; Boulder, CO; Washington DC; Dallas-Fort Worth, TX; Austin, TX; Houston, TX and Arlington, VA)