Project Type: WordPress Landing Page

  • Completion of all requirements

          – Ensure the project is complete, including any changes requested by the client.

  • Usability check
  • Cross-browser check

          – Check page display in all major browsers on Windows and iOS machines.

  • Accessibility check

          -Ensure page meets accessibility standards and ADA requirements

  • Mobile display check

          -Test page on most popular tablet and phone sizes, vertical and landscape, Android and iOS.

  • Large screen display check

           -Test page on wide and double screens

  • International display check [client country selection]
  • Content check

          -Check for typos and omissions

  • Media behavior review

          -Make sure all interactive media elements open/play/display as per client requirements.

  • Translation accuracy check [Multilingual sites only]

Client Documentation:

    • Page architecture
    • Style guide
    • Media elements list
    • Special instructions [if applicable]