Some Brief Customer Stories

Small Businesses

Rare Patient Voice

Rare Patient Voice is expanding globally in 2021, but started in the UK in 2020. The RPV team asked WebTechsNow! team to create code to hide certain content from anyone outside of the US and Canada until their global sites are ready. When the RPV site experienced a WordPress critical error that affected the admin area, RPV asked three companies they work with to try to figure out the problem. The WebTechsNow! team discovered the problem and provided the solution to the hosting company.

NGC Companies

The Northgate team approached WebTechsNow! to create a new website for their NGC Partners company. They wanted to keep it simple by making modifications to a pre-designed WordPress theme. Once the site launched, the Northgate team asked our team to revise their existing Northgate Construction website with a similar design to the NGC Partners’ website and to create a landing page based on specific design guidelines that they provided to our team.

Pure Living Space

The owner of designed and maintains the company’s website, but has contacted WebTechsNow! occasionally to solve problems encountered with Shopify and Mailchimp.

Swimming With Jordan

The client wanted to continue to use Squarespace and her existing design for her website because she was comfortable with the interface and wanted to continue maintaining the site herself. But when she added ISR classes to her offerings, she asked if WebTechsNow! could set up two sites with different navigation within her one Squarespace account, and also include a landing page under the main domain. We found a work-around to make this happen. 

Local bakery – no longer in business due to COVID

The owner of this neighborhood bakery wanted to offer cakes for delivery to specific zip codes. WebTechsNow! created a custom product ordering system with scheduled delivery or pick-up and strict production limits. We developed a custom calendar-based ordering system to work in conjunction with WooCommerce, including custom availability and delivery rules applied, in real-time, to both ordering and delivery/pick-up.

Psychedelic Robot

Immersive Art Experience Dallas | Interactive Art | Psychedelic Robot – Currently moving from Dallas, TX to Nashville, TN.

This art gallery’s WordPress website became inaccessible after an update. Once FTP access was provided, our team diagnosed the issue, made changes to the database and coded the solution. The site was fully operational within two hours of the system review.


This international non-profit wishes to maintain anonymity. The site is only accessible to members of the non-profit.

The organization has an internal webmaster, but occasionally has technical needs that are outside of its skill set. They call WebTechsNow! to fill the gap. One example: the non-profit wanted to design a system that would produce analytics about its members while ensuring its members’ privacy and strict confidentiality rules. We built a custom reporting plugin including multi-level access controls and sophisticated security mechanisms to protect the data and the plugin’s code.

Friends of the Dallas Police

When the Friends of the Dallas Police website was hacked, the client called WebTechsNow! to clean up the site. Following this successful mission, we have been engaged to maintain the site as well as to provide assistance with the site’s updates and enhancements. 

DFW Tech

The client selected a pre-designed WordPress theme and asked WebTechsNow!to build out the site based on design specifications they requested for how the homepage should work. Our team also helps to maintain the website when updates need to be made.


Our team was engaged co-create, host and maintain this medical media library. At launch it included a feedback system to evaluate the different sections of the library with its own, custom developed database, emailer and secure reporting system.

The client asked our team to assist with numerous aspects of the original Oracle UCM implementation, reporting and analytics setup, the creation of a content licensing platform with real-time subscription feeds as well as overall SEO.


The client asked WebTechsNow! to create, host and maintain interactive tools for the Million Hearts campaign, allowing visitors to evaluate their cardiovascular health risks. These tools included educational content as well as a question and answer-driven risk assessments. Aggregate data was stored following strict privacy and confidentiality best practices.



The client contacted WebTechsNow!to finish building a custom website that was designed by another company. WebTechsNow!met the launch deadline set by the client, created all of the content pages, set up the homepage banners, made some modifications to the menu (requiring code changes to fit the space) and trained staff how to maintain the website going forward. WebTechsNowr!was also asked to post updates on Facebook until new staff was in place.

First Bible Church – Closed following COVID shutdown

The church needed a website that would be both easy to maintain and to enhance with new content and capabilities. WebTechsNow! helped craft the web strategy, clear requirements and a streamlined development  plan which resulted in the on-time and within budget release of both the new website and two mobile apps.  


SPG (now Marriott)

Matching for Good

Every year, numerous hotels go through renovations and updates. During these processes furniture, linens, housewares and decor items are replaced. WebTechsNow! created a platform that allows each individual property donate these items to local charities. The system easily manages inventory, schedules custom pick-up dates and times, generates the corresponding receipts for federal and state tax deductions and provides social impact and savings analytics.